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Home Live Music Day Tripper – Jordan Cook aka Reignwolf

Day Tripper – Jordan Cook aka Reignwolf

Published on June 1, 2012 in Live Music, Tourism

Having been struck by the talents of Canadian musician Jordan Cook (aka Reignwolf) at The Sharing Blanket Unplugged,

This Is Hastings caught back up with him for a chat about his time in Hastings:

Jordan is a songwriter and musician originally from Canada, now residing in Seattle.

Now on his forth visit to our wonderful little corner of the world, he first visited Hastings in 2006 after meeting local talent Blair (soon to be featured himself)

Since meeting, they have become firm friends as well as collaborating on his new tracks.

Jordan nostalgically  recalled playing at Harpers (now the JD bar) describing how he felt “totally embraced by the people of Hastings” – continuing to feel this way on all his subsequent visits.

Once quite seriously threatening to move here. Unfortunately however Jordan felt Hastings would be to easy to relax in so thinks its better to reconsider the move in 10 years when he has more time to kick back.

This Is Hastings got the chance sit in on some exclusive jamming sessions with another painfully talented day tripper Kyan Kuatois, as well as witnessing Reignwolf playing at the open mic night at the Hastings Arms – where he once again captured the crowds attention.

He told us about the rest of his evening, meeting other local musicians and jamming in his favourite Hastings’ spot The Chess Square (“That place is killer”) however he did think Rock-a-Nore was “equally amazing, for different reasons though …”

Jordan is planning to visit again in October to do some more songwriting – Hastings has already provided the inspiration for his track entitled “Headache.”

He also hopes to make it for Jack in the Green (with grand plans of his own – This is Hastings has been sworn to secrecy about said plans but has been promised the scoop, closer to the time!)

It was a pleasure to meet Jordan, as well as hear how highly he rated the area – “everyone here seems all about it (the music scene, the views etc.) They love what they stand for and most of the people I’ve met here love to be here too”

This Is Hastings wishes Jordan the best of luck in his travels in Europe and looks forward to seeing him very soon!

Make sure to check out the talented howlings of Reignwolf immediately if not sooner!

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