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This Is Hastings Directory is a comprehensive database of businesses, individuals, events and attractions for the Hastings & St Leonards area.

When a business is mentioned in an article on This Is Hastings, a free Basic Listing within the directory is created – giving readers its location / contact details / basic information.

If the business then wishes to upgrade their listing (add photos, links to websites, information, tags, categories etc.) they can do so for a small fee.

This allows businesses to have a fully optimized web presence for a fraction of the cost of a full website – and being part of directory allows them to be found much faster than relying on people knowing their name / URL.

This Is Hastings also offers professional design, photographic and video services. For more details, please contact us.


How do I add or edit a listing on the Directory?
Please visit the Add / Edit Listing page.

How much does a listing cost?
Basic Listing (Free), Standard Listing (£25 / year), Premium Listing (£75 / year)

How do I update the information on my listing?
There is a small charge each time you update. If you want to regularly update you listing, you might consider an Active Listing.

What are Social Media Links?
Social media links are links to external social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Google+ etc.

What is a Featured Image?
A featured image is a small icon that appears next to your listing when searched for – click for example

What is a Category?
A category is a general title in which your business is categorized. The more categories you have, the easier it is to find the listing (For example a Pub could be listed under Pubs & Bars, but could also be under Food & Drink or Family Friendly)

What is a Tag?
A tag is a list of more specific Categories, which help people to find what they are looking for, when searching. For example a Pub could have the tags “dog friendly” “fine ales” “burgers” “free wifi” etc.