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Let’s Eat Local – Unwind Cafe

Published on May 22, 2012 in Food & Drink, Reviews

If you are feeling famished, but watching those purse strings, This Is Hastings suggests you pay a lunchtime visit to Unwind on George Street.

With an array sandwich and toastie options, you’re small investment leaves you spoilt for choice.

For the grand total of £2.50 each, Mr. Hastings gorged on a gargantuan baguette, stocked to the brim with Brie & Bacon (plus a bit of lettuce for that healthy injection) while Ms. Hastings made out like a bandit with a monstrous Chicken & Mayo baguette.

With the huge, tasty, freshly made sandwiches in hand, This Is Hastings made for the nearest sunny (but isolated) spot to ravenously consume our lunch – away of the judgemental eyes of the Old Town public.

If you do decide to remain on site, be wary of seagulls nipping in for a cheeky taste, the moment your back is turned!

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