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Makers @ MEC

Published on April 11, 2012 in
April 11, 2012 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
University of Brighton
Havelock Rd
Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1BE

An evening where you get to show your work and see other peoples.
take a raffle ticket as you arrive, and we draw tickets out of a hat.

Open to all types of creatives. Whoever you be, an illustrator, typographer, sculptor etc. we will spend as much time looking at/listening to your work as if you are a filmmaker, musician, game designer etc.

If your ticket is drawn, we look at/listen to your work for 3 minutes. We’ll have some open space for sculpture, photography, architectural models etc; DVD projection and CD audio with decent speakers if your work is recorded; and a laptop with online access if it’s web-based.

Who should come: We are equally open to everyone – students, hobbyists, full-time creators, those who already have reputations and businesses, and those who are building towards that. All ages are welcome and please feel free to come down without any work if you’re just looking for a break or some inspiration.

Structure: We will show 8 or 10 things, we’ll have a quick chat break, and then we’ll have a brief Q&A with one of the makers whose work has been shown, before finishing with another few pieces drawn from the hat. It will be done and dusted by 8pm and then no doubt several of us will go down the pub.

What work should you bring: There is no pre-qualification or judgement you can bring work-in-progress, current work, past work, commissioned work, personal work. You are totally welcome to bring work that lasts for longer than 3 minutes – we will just stop it at 3 minutes and then everyone will come up to you afterwards (hopefully) and say ‘that was great, can I see the full thing please?’

Hosted by Tris Taylor who makes music for a living, and run by Michelle Taylor (no relation) who is a promoter and tattooist. They will be 100% free for everyone who comes with something they’ve made, spectators will be asked to donate £5 to the MEC.

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