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Home Events Get Involved – Royal Standard Pub Quiz

Get Involved – Royal Standard Pub Quiz

Published on May 24, 2012 in Events, News, Pubs & Clubs

Last night saw a momentous victory for team This Is Hastings, at the bi-weekly obscure knowledge-fest that is the Royal Standard Pub Quiz!

The team was made up from a melting pot of general knowledge prowess, including local talent Tara Deighton, and Day Tripper Morgan – an air conditioning fitter, that decided to stay the night in Hastings (an excellent choice in hindsight!)

Quizmaster Tom’s theme for the evening was “The Sun” – with some extreme solar-based brain ticklers.

This Is Hastings particularly excelled in the cartoon bear picture round, and links round. (all answers linked to “seas”)

Also winning a special prize of cuddly Care Bear Love a Lot, for the bonus sun-based limerick round – unfortunately too crass for publishing (“There once was was girl from The Sun …”)

With pockets jangling from the astronomical £22 prize pot, This Is Hastings were entirely humble when taking their victory lap of the pub …

If you want to test your wits against some of Hastings’ finest, get down to the Royal Standard every other Wednesday from 8.30pm!

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  1. GrubbyHat

    Pickles/Martin. What happened Barflies?

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