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Let’s Get Physical – Spinning

Feeling rather pleased at the progress made at Kettle Bells, This is Hastings continues its mission to get fit in the name of research.

This week’s workout – Spinning: a static workout on bikes that have resistance levels instead of gears – great for building fitness levels quickly whilst toning the legs and arms.

Also great for near death experiences (a slight exaggeration) But this workout is not for those who break out in a sweat playing a game of swing ball with granny in the garden.

After ensuring the bike was set up for optimum comfort (the irony) the lights were turned down and the music was turned up loud.

Participants are encouraged to push themselves and adjust the resistance levels higher throughout the class. Thirty minutes in, it was tough but then nine full minutes at level ten This Is Hastings felt heart attack looming (fortunately it turned out to be a burp!)

The best thing about this workout is the music is purposely selected for its beat and if you just listen to the music and zone out you can find yourself cheering yourself on and pushing harder and harder during each track.

A combination of leg resistance and upper body work takes a great deal of motivation – thankfully the instructor had bucket loads of it, and paid extra attention to the beginners ensuring they did not over exert themselves.

An hour later, twelve very red ladies simultaneously thankfully fell off the bikes. Calories burned?  800-1000 depending on the effort put in – being “in the zone,” This Is Hastings obviously burnt 1000!

Warning – take a bottle of water and a towel, even the most delicate of ladies will not just perspire but sweat … really sweat!

Spinning gets a Feel Good Factor 9/10 (once it’s over ) and Difficulty level 7/10 (depending on the routine.)

Photo courtesy of Owen Price

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