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Home Art & Design Hansel & Gretel @ St. Marys in the Castle

Hansel & Gretel @ St. Marys in the Castle

Last night, This Is Hastings had the pleasure of experiencing a unique retelling of Hansel & Gretel by The Brothers Grimm.

The interactive performance featuring drama, photography, art installations and film, was all set amongst the twisting corridors and crypt of St. Marys in The Castle. The characters took the audience on a physical journey from an argument in the cafe area, through their broken home – featuring eerie photographs of the children’s’ dead mother, and prophetic news clips looping on a television screen.

Next we journeyed into the woods – with abstract installations of disturbing “missing children” posters, plastered around large tree sculptures. As the children fell asleep by the fire, we entered their subconscious – watching a jerky, vintage style film installation of their encounter with ‘The Sandman.’

The children awake to find a delicious gingerbread house inhabited by a seemingly wheelchair-bound old woman – lured in by the promise of food and shelter, things quickly take a turn for the worse. Fortunately with a quick shove of the witch into the fire, Gretel saves the day.

On returning to the beginning of the trail. we left our plucky companions at a crossroads – where would they go from here? The tale is left open ended as we head for the exit.

This Is Hastings would like to thank the Arts Award young creatives for this excellent multi-media experience. Unfortunately this was just a one night only event, so if you missed it, you missed out.

Watch out for these creative youngsters, they’re destined for great things!

Photos by Daisy Hodgson.

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  1. Lucy Roberts

    Although I didn’t get to go to this, I can imagine it was very good! I took part in last years arts awards and the other people doing it are very talented!
    Thanks 🙂

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