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This Is Hastings @ Tango Night

This is Hastings discovered the tango event rather late, so decided to split ranks this Saturday evening.

Leaving Mr Hastings to enjoy Lianne Caroll at The Stade, Ms Hastings dashed up to Hastings Museum with no clue about the red and black dress code. Wearing a bright yellow dress Miss Hastings made her grand entrance soon to discover she was the sore thumb in the room!

A quick dash to the lav later, she re-emerged in her black slip and a red flower for her hair, ready to blend into the crowd!

The event was in full swing tango, with dancing crowds and music filled the halls.

Ms Hastings jumped straight into the beginners class in the Dunbar Hall. Soon discovering that Tango to be quite tough! The amount of people in the room all brave and willing to partake was an impressive sight, in fact it was so full there was little room for dancing,  let alone any extravagant leg kicks or spins.

The instructors introduced the participants to some of the more simple moves, patiently helping anyone in need of additional instruction.

By nine o’clock the crowds were invited to hear the fabulous Polo Piatti (an award-winning British-Argentine composer, concert pianist and performing artist).

Polo played the grand piano in the long hall – mesmeriseing the room with his talent and grace. Originally from Buenos Aires (known internationally for being the city where tango music and dance was nurtured) Polo gave everyone an authentic and wonderful taste of his musical prowess.

After Polo, the professional dancers took to the floor once again, accompanied by pianist Blair, accordionist Duncan and violinist Harriet who played their lively take on tango (that got everyone showing off their best moves)

Some of the professionals even took the hands of beginners and walked them round the floor, even Ms Hastings was taken in a close embrace and seductively manoeuvred around the hall

The event was a wonderful success, The Hastings Tango Club should be very proud of themselves for bringing such beauty to Saturday night in Hastings Town Centre.




See our Calendar for beginners classes in Hastings

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah Palmer

    FANTASTIC pics Jools and great write up – thank you for coming……………..xxxx

  2. It was a wonderful evening that must have left the organizers glowing with delight in bringing so many to savour the passion that is the Argentine Tango. The pictures bring back fun memories and the article is a lovely commentary on a magical interlude in Hastings.

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