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Home Art & Design Hidden Hastings – We Don’t Mind (Exclusive Jerwood Gallery Reaction)

Hidden Hastings – We Don’t Mind (Exclusive Jerwood Gallery Reaction)

This Is Hastings - Hidden Hastings (Make Up Your Own Mind)This Is Hastings was pointed in the direction of side of the Jerwood Gallery for Scrabble Man‘s latest message to Hastings. The title “make up your own mind” rings all too true, following the local hoo-ha surrounding the new landmark gallery.

This Is Hastings wanted to know how the Jerwood felt about this little artistic nod on their building. They were kind enough to give us this exclusive information:

“We were made aware of the plaque on Good Friday when one of our regular tweeters sent us a photograph on Twitter asking whether ‘this is an official artwork’. We went to have a look at it, and it really did make us make us smile. We believe it’s playful and well-crafted and admire the artist who is making people think with their art.

We’ve left it up for the Easter Holidays so lots of people can appreciate it and whilst we appreciate the artist’s message we hope that he or she will understand that we’ll have to take it down after the holidays to protect the exterior tiles, which were hand-glazed in nearby Kent, from damage. We believe that Hastings is lucky to have so many creative people in its midst and while we don’t want to be seen to discourage artistic flair, we also have to protect the new building. We will ensure that the artwork will be kept safe for the artist to claim”

So there you have it folks – a true limited edition piece. Get on down to The Jerwood to catch a glimpse, while its still up – and while your there, apparently there’s some art you can go see as well.

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