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Home Art & Design Hidden Hastings – Something To Make you Smile

Hidden Hastings – Something To Make you Smile

This Is Hastings needed to clear the haze from last night’s Scooter Skirmish, and nothing beats a stroll in the Sunday seaside, sunshine!

Since we were passing by, we thought we’d check up on an old scrabble message. In doing so, This Is Hastings spotted a seemingly new addition to the mysterious trail!

After a week of media hype, it would seem Scrabbleman has responded with the simplest and nicest of requests! (Or maybe he’s just happy to be recognised)

This Is Hastings won’t spoil your hunting fun by revealing its exact whereabouts, we’d prefer you to keep your eyes peeled for it – and all the other hidden treasures, lurking in the shadows …

If this is (as we suspect) a new addition, hopefully more will be discovered. Let us know if you spot anything scrabbley!

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