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Let’s Eat Local – Best Of Jack In The Green

After previewing a number of the tasty morsels on offer, in the Jack In The Green Survival Guide, This Is Hastings thought it only proper to sample some of the edible gems for ourselves.

Perhaps a little bit of bias from a previous burger based encounter swung us in the direction of the Dragon Bar.

With the barbeque fired up and a crack assembly team on hand and a growing queue behind, there was no time for deliberation when it came to the array of sauces and toppings on offer – Ms. Hastings instinctively opted for garlic mayo, cheddar and salad. While Mr. Hastings turned the bap’s interior into a rainbow of flavours (rockfort mayo, home-made chutney, cheddar and salad)

Topped off with a sweet slab of locally sourced meat, and tucked into a cosy napkin blanket, the mighty burgers were ready for consumptions. Anyone witnessing the demolition of the aforementioned foodstuff may have mistook their rapid disappearance for ravenous, indigestion inspiring gluttony – but we assure you, time was of the essence and This Is Hastings had places to be …

Unfortunately that place was a rather sodden West Hill, so to wait out the weather; This Is Hastings happened up the Royal Standard, that coincidentally had a Hog Roast to offer.

Although the memory of the burger before was still fresh in mind and mouth, This Is Hastings justified the addition of Hog Roast to the stomach, as fuel for all the hill traipsing that was required (although in truth, it was pure indulgence)

The piggy treat was presented in a fresh bap with a scattering of pork scratching and the optional (and essential) access to apple sauce, all accompanied with some mini roast potatoes and stuffing.

Much like the slaying of the Jack to follow, the hog had been stripped bare. This Is Hastings was very happy to have arrived just in time to get a slice of the action.


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