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Let’s Eat Local – Big Lively Taste

Published on May 16, 2012 in Food & Drink, Reviews

This Is Hastings hasn’t always the time to lounge around dining ourselves rotten. If you are out on the dash (like us) we suggest a little visit to Big Lively Taste on the High Street (Old Town)

Having only been open a few months, and in a space that is somewhat slim – blink and you may miss this kitsch little eatery while storming down the High Street. This Is Hastings suggests you don’t blink, and pop in to sample BLT’s sandwichy wares.

(Word of warning – although all the labels have BLT upon them, with closer inspection a multitude of fillings present themselves.)

Mr Hastings opted for brie, cranberry, grape and rocket in a toasted  multigrain … roll … seedy … pannini thing (aka yummy!) Although no meat was present in this flavoursome experience, it was not abundantly missed.

(Having sneakily sampled the almost identical special earlier this week – a slither of prosciutto ham also would have been welcomed with open arms / mouth)

While this fruity concoction was lovingly constructed, Ms Hastings snuck away to Judges Bakery for a Tuna mayo soft roll (unfortunately it was consumed too fast for any camera to have captured its essence)

So if you want a lunchtime treat made with love, head for the Hight Street where some Big Lively Taste awaits.

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  1. GrubbyHat

    Cannot recommend the sandwiches enough and they also do excellent take away salads. Their state of the art till system is also worth a look :o)