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Let’s Eat Local – Di Pola’s

Although the summer is somewhat hesitant to arrive this year, when the sunshine does appear there’s nothing better than cooling down with a tasty ice-cream!

This Is Hastings headed to Di Pola’s in the Old Town (access from George St – next door to The Optical Lounge or the seafront) to sample its wide variety of frozen deliciousness.

The three combinations for this particular visit were Strawberry & Mango, Passionfruit & Citrus Orange and Salty Peanut & Malteaser.

Barely scratching the surface, there are enough flavours to tickle any palette – whether you’re in need of a zingy sorbet or an out and out chocolatey dessert, with new experimental flavours appearing on a weekly basis – from sweetly accurate Bubblegum to more savoury options including Marmite or Parmesan! (surprisingly enjoyable)

Whatever menagerie of flavours you choose, they taste fresh and authentic (to the point of actual strawberry chunks residing in the sorbet)

Stacked teetering in their crispy cones, the authentic homemade Gelato seems to defy gravity (but not temperature – so eat them quickly before they melt!)

If you’re not one for a cone, you can always opt to have yourself a dainty tub (or not so dainty take home tub!)

So head to Di Pola’s for a sweet summertime treat – but watch out your eyes aren’t bigger than your belly, as two scoops is enough to fill even the most bottomless of gullets.

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