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Home Food & Drink Let’s Eat Local – Land Of Green Ginger

Let’s Eat Local – Land Of Green Ginger

This Is Hastings was in need of a breakfast treat this morning, so moseyed on down to the Land Of Green Ginger on the Old Town High Street

Something hearty was required, and the menu certainly provided – with a mix and match of cooked breakfast treats (sausage, egg, potato, beans, mushrooms etc.), it was hard to narrow it down.

After a quick delicious caffeine burst from a frothy latte, the morning synapses were coming to life. This Is Hastings finally opted for with two sausages, a couple of poached eggs and some beans (instead of a tomato), with brown toast on the side.

Although simple in conception, each breakfast element was prepared to perfection, and arrived within the blink of an eye.

Mr. Hastings is a stickler for the little details, so was thrilled that the butter for the toast was at optimum spreadability – gliding effortlessly over the toast (which soon became a misleading lifeboat for beans to unknowingly clamber aboard.)

As the last juicy remnants of the breakfast were mopped up, This Is Hastings felt vaguely human again – leaving happily fed without having to stretch the purse strings very far at all!

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