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Let’s Get Physical – Kettle Bells

This is Hastings is getting fit and you are invited to join us. Each week, we will bring you a review of a fun and different fitness session that happens right here in Hastings.

The classes will range in difficulty level and we will aim to test out classes open to all and at affordable prices. With all this exercise planned, This is Hastings may well have to start reviewing spa’s!

This week’s workout, Kettle bells – not to be confused with cattle bells (Although the odd grunt and maybe even a distant ‘moo’ was definitely heard during the class.)

Kettle Bells is getting increasingly popular and we heard that you can burn up to 800 calories in a 45 minute session – that’s two slices of cake easily (and who doesn’t like extra cake?)

Standing in the studio presented with a choice of different weighted kettle bells it was easy to opt for the smallest, but this is serious! We want to get fit so 4kg sounded reasonable.

Half an hour in, surrounded by the discarded 6kg+ kettle bell (the 4kg had been swapped, after some forceful encouragement from the trainer.)

Heat as hot as fire was spreading through arms and shoulders and thoughts of running from the room to the nearest doughnut start creeping in.

Swinging heavy weights above your head and between your legs has its hazards but also great benefits – dripping in sweat, a little bruised but somehow still alive, fun had actually been had.

Kettle Bells gets a Feel Good Factor of 9/10 and a Difficulty Rating of 8/10.

Kettle Bells is a full body conditioning work out class at Summerfields Leisure Centre (£5 for non- members)

Photo courtesy of Owen Price

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