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Home News Looking Forward – Electric Stag

Looking Forward – Electric Stag

This afternoon, This Is Hastings moseyed along Robertson Street to what was formerly The Street, now the Electric Stag.

Having poked our heads in earlier in the week, its a wonder they achieved their proposed launch date. We could still smell the fresh paint on the walls and the odd rogue cable still poking out to say hello, but job well done.

Somehow they have managed to make the previously pokey space feel large to the point of cavernous. Obviously very much a work in progress, the space is somewhat sparse. But from the moment you enter, you get it.

With stylish lighting, and an impressive (to the point of intimidating) sound system, the mouth waters at the infinite possibilities for the Electric Stag.

The bar is lined with a sleek backdrop of white tiling, with an impressive list of beers on tap, and spirits on shelf. Best of all, we were granted exclusive access up into the DJ crows nest, where the decks happen to be suspended from the ceiling by chains!

Grand plans, they certainly have, with ambitions of a complete gutting and refurb of the charming hovel we once knew as The Crypt – the prospect of a working sewage infrastructure is somewhat of a relief. There is even talk of opening up the upper floor. All incredibly exciting news for Hastings town centre.

For now This Is Hastings is happy enough to see a classic location brought back to life with an intriguing new spin. So get down to the Electric Stag and raise a glass to its good health!


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3 Responses

  1. Leigh

    These pics must have been taken in the afternoon, when I was there in the evening it was buzzing with a really cool crowd.

  2. Great Job guys. Amazing looking place!

  3. duncan sangster

    excellent stuff – there is a nice buzz about town with all these cool/trendy/funky/unique little places popping up all over town – i never normally go into new town, maybe this might change! and please open up the crypt with something equally funky and individual – we don’t need another yate’s/wetherspoons/fluid etc!