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Local Talent – Matt Tassell-Dawson

As a tour manager for bands and DJs, Matt Tassell-Dawson has seen just about every town there is on this island, not to mention a fair few major cities around the world. But the “Hastings curse” that brought both himself and previously his parents back to this seaside town, he sees as a blessing.

After studying at High Wycombe university and living in Brighton for a year, he came to the conclusion that it was a “busy, non personal, brash version of Hastings, with no green spaces and too many stag do’s!”

Matt began his tour managing career as a favour to recently signed Mumm-ra, brought on to sell merchandise he learnt the ropes by shadowing their current TM, and working on the bands backline (guitars, drums etc)

After three months the opportunity arose to tour manage a new Canadian band solo. Matt took the leap. That Canadian band happened to be Crystal Castles, who he went on to TM around the world for the next three years.

Since then Matt has worked with such bands as Jamie T, Orbital, Raphael Saadiq, The Brand New Heavies, Gang of Four, Kissy Sell Out, and many more.

But Hastings is where Matt’s heart and heritage lies. Taking the Tassell part of his name when he married – “it’s my mother’s maiden name and she is an only child, so when my grandparents pass on, the name will go with them.” Keeping the Tassell name alive is an important thing for Matt, as the Tassell’s have been in Hastings for at least 400 years.

It was a Tassell who become the first woman in Hastings to have her own business, (a fish shop) and it was great grandfather Tassell that built the last ever fishing boat in Hastings. The boat was named the EVG after his three sons Edward, Victor and George – with a painting of this boat now hanging on the nursery wall of Matt’s newly born son.

Matt clearly loves living in Hastings – “my family’s here, my friends are here. London and Brighton are close, (but not too close) and it’s a totally unique, vibrant, interesting little town. I’ve seen the world, and I choose Hastings.”

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