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Home Attractions This Is Hastings @ Smugglers Adventure

This Is Hastings @ Smugglers Adventure

Today This Is Hastings fought wind and rain to hike up the West Hill to meet Hairy Jack and his smuggling chums at the Smugglers Adventure.

Admittedly we had our reservations about reliving the family experience, that had so entertained / terrified us in our youth. But once we delved into the deep caves, those years of adulthood melted away, leaving a couple of giggling idiots in their wake.

After testing our strength against the weighted rope and pulley, and acing the interactive shooting game, it was concluded that our past lives must have been spent rolling barrels of contraband from sea to shore. As we wound our way through the cavernous tunnels, we met all sorts of salty sea dogs – following their journey from the boats to the noose!

Ms. Hastings’ own misdemeanors caught up with her, and she soon found herself cell-mates with a particularly unfortunate smuggler, who she hung with for some time.

After dodging a stampede of eager foreign students, we took the time to gather valuable nuggets of knowledge from the very helpful staff – discovering a pagan statue that outdated the smuggling fiends and spooky skeleton strung up from the ceiling.

We were also told that the caves were used as a popular music venue once upon a time – with weekly Jazz concerts (until the piano rotted) as well as the Rolling Stones rocking the joint! (This Is Hastings thinks a revival of this alternative venue should definitely be pursued)

This Is Hastings would like to thank the Smugglers Adventure for standing strong over the years – promoting all those fine upstanding citizens of old. Tourist or local, we encourage a visit – whether to learn, laugh or just plain reminisce … its a great way to spend an afternoon.

It was nice to see even the Smugglers were avid supporters of This Is Hastings:

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