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Home Events This Is Hastings @ Fish Is The Dish

This Is Hastings @ Fish Is The Dish

After a last minute invite via Twitter, This Is Hastings wasn’t sure what to expect from Fish In A Dish. But on arrival at The Bridge community centre, and seeing the local legends Tush & Pat’s sweet ride parked up outside, we knew we were in good hands!

Over the next hour and a half, the lucky group of locals were treated to a treasure trove of information from the fountain of fishy knowledge that is Tush.

With everything anyone wanted to know about filleting, preparing and cooking a whole array of catch of the day.

With each fish prepared in front of our very eyes, with nuggets of fascination knowledge thrown in for good measure: This Is Hastings learnt there are over 70 species of fish that can be caught off our local shores, throughout the year!

Starting with the flatter of our fishy friends (flounder, Dover soul, lemon soul, turbot, skate, dory) Tush expertly demonstrated the numerous ways of filleting (while removing all bones – an important step for Tush, but not so much for Pat)

Working his way through the oily fish (herring, mackerel) up to some bigger fish to fry (rock salmon (dogfish), sea-bass, gurnard, whiting)

Each fish had a tale attached – whether it be Tush personally enlightening television’s Rick Stein to the possibilities of eating gurnard, or finding an electrical plug in the stomach of a turbot!

The group were invited to get hands on – giving the dogfish a stroke (fascinatingly smooth one way, but rough like sand paper when going the other way) Ms. Hastings was even gorily gifted the parrot-like beak of a cuttlefish!

Once each fish had been dealt with, Tush fired up his paella pan and set about cooking up a storm – with a sprinkling of flour and a touch of pepper, the fish were deliciously prepared to simple perfection.

The group happily accepted invitation to sample each fish – This Is Hastings particularly enjoyed the sea-bass, lemon soul and rare delicacy that was a dory fish (apologies to fans of Finding Nemo)

Full to the brim with fishy treats, time was up. Before leaving, the group was kindly gifted a goody bag including a recipe sheet, tea towel and apron!

It was a genuine delight to attend such and excellent event. This Is Hastings left with a head full of information and a belly full of fresh fish – what more could you hope for? (and all for free!)

Hopefully the Fish Is The Dish tour will return to Hastings very soon,  and you can sample Tush & Pat’s legendary fish rolls for yourself, every weekend (weather permitting) down at Rock-a-Nore.


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  1. Kate

    Hi This is Hastings,
    Good to meet you on Saturday for a brilliant fishy immersion course.
    I couldn’t sleep for worry about what is the third fish to bear association with St. Peter (after the John Dory and, a fairly unlikely Galilean candidate, the haddock).
    Ladies and gentlemen, the missing suspect in the line-up is … the tilapia, which is reputedly the fish Peter caught with a coin in its mouth.
    I wanted to add a big thank you to Heather (also answers to Helen!) from Fish is the Dish for setting everything up and being the hostess with the the mostest.
    Tush and Pat deserve their local legend status – what an exhibition and what a feast!
    Thanks everyone.

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