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Home Events This Is Hastings @ Jack In The Green (Hastings Castle)

This Is Hastings @ Jack In The Green (Hastings Castle)

Published on May 8, 2012 in Events, Tourism

This Is Hastings thought we’d beat the crowds from the procession and head up to Hastings Castle ahead of time. With our £3 admittance paid, and stamps on wrists. We were free to wander.

Unfortunately perching on top of a large hill, by the sea – one is somewhat exposed to the elements – those elements being wind and rain. As stoic as we wished to be, teeth soon started chattering and warmer, more sheltered climbs were required.

Having sheltered from a few showers under the vast canopy of the Royal Standard, suddenly a rogue bit of blue sky broke through, inspiring another trek back up to The Castle – Perfectly timed with the build up to the Slaying of The Jack.

As Samabalanco took to the stage, their samba beats seemed to usher in the sunshine, offering the crowd some much needed warmth.

Before too long, the Bogey’s drums were raised and The Jack was paraded down towards the stage in front of a baying crowd! After a ceremonial dance around The Jack, it was time to release the spirit of summer, by tearing off his leafy coat.

Those in the immediate crowd, were gifted his leftovers – which offer good luck and fertility to all that left with a leafy piece of Jack.

The Jack is Dead … Long Live The Summer!


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