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Home Events This Is Hastings @ Jack In The Green (Procession)

This Is Hastings @ Jack In The Green (Procession)

Published on May 8, 2012 in Events, Tourism

Once The Jack had been released, the Jack In The Green procession was underway! This Is Hastings squeezed into the bulging crowds to catch a glimpse.

The streets of the Old Town was a wash of smiling faces (both young and old), as the procession drummed, danced and jangled its way towards its final destination.

With the colourful revelers snaking their way up All Saints Street and taking on fluids on The High Street. The packed crowd was entertained by an array of spectacles: Morris Dancers, drumming societies, gargantuan floats (including our old friend Marina) and even a man painted blue, breathing fire!

This Is Hastings would like to celebrate the enthusiasm and energy of all involved in the procession. As the performers seemed to unflinchingly put ridiculous amounts of energy into their display, for the entire length of the trail – This Is Hastings was puffed out from just walking up the hill, let alone dancing all the way from Rock-a-Nore!

Next stop … Hastings Castle and the Slaying of The Jack!

PHOTO GALLERY: (more coming soon!)

Photos courtesy of Leila Duffy-Tetzlaff


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