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Home Events This Is Hastings @ The Sharing Blanket Unplugged

This Is Hastings @ The Sharing Blanket Unplugged

After an afternoon of political cake decorating, This Is Hastings returned to The Stade come the evening to find a yurt surrounded by blankets, a drumming troop and saxophonists. We had happened up The Sharing Blanket Unplugged.

All were welcome to partake in the musical and storytelling proceedings, or just kick back and enjoy what developed into an exceptionally fun and engaging evening. Whether it be hearing the celebratory / tongue in cheek “Moonlight on Hastings,” a story about disappearing trees or just an improvised Django-esque jam session on fiddle and guitar.

It is always such a pleasure (and an intrigue) to watch accomplished musicians so naturally compliment another’s’ work.

As the sun set over The Stade, a unifying frenzy of sound and enjoyment built, and crescendoed in a mighty musical medley – featuring the likes of Blair, his Canadian friend Reign Wolf, a trio of songstresses from a larger group by the name of Gaggle – all with accompaniment from guitar, flute, fiddle, and even a man using a chair as a makeshift drum (to great effect).

The evening drew to a close with the release of a couple of Chinese lanterns. All left with a smile on their face, a song in their heart and the memories of a truly unique experience!


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